Vinyl flooring is a very popular option because it provides a continuous covering, without the gaping seams and natural absorbency of wood or the grout lines of ceramic tile.

Our staff will apply a compound specially designed to cure new concrete, ensuring proper cement hydration and strength gain to protect and enhance the appearance of concrete.

These products are easy to apply and cost-effective. Perfect for driveways, walls, garages, patios, and more, they leave a clear film and ensure excellent, long-lasting performance.

  • Dust-proofing concrete with tough, durable film
  • Will not yellow under ultraviolet exposure
  • Helping minimize spalling of exterior concrete
  • Most trusted brand of cure & seal in the industry

Epoxy Chips

An Epoxy Chips Vinyl Chip System is an alternative to Granite or Terrazzo flooring, with much more versatility. It provides all of the beauty of Terrazzo, with virtually none of the upkeep. Epoxy Chip Systems are non-porous, seamless floor system, impervious to most staining elements including oil, grease and non-solvent based products.

Epoxy Benefits

Walls, countertops, pottery, ornamental figures and display structures take on a whole new attractive look when Epoxy Chip is applied. Epoxy Chip will adhere to practically any surface that is dry and free of contaminants.

Only a damp mop is necessary for normal day to day maintenance. For high-traffic areas, an electric scrubber can be used. If required, an additional seal coat may be applied. The Epoxy Chips seamless floor system is easy to maintain and will return to its natural beauty.


Let us turn your unsightly, hard-to-clean concrete floor into a bright, safe, and easy-to-maintain surface!